5 Sensitive Questions About Ex-partners you Should Never Ask Your Partner.


You’ll naturally want to know who your partner dated and why they broke up. However, because it is a sensitive subject, you must proceed with caution.

Not only to be mindful of his or her feelings but also to avoid a negative impact on your relationship, which could turn out to be quite unpleasant.

So, here are some questions you should avoid asking your partner in order to keep things healthy.

Because this is a sensitive subject, you must proceed with caution.



1. The title
In a world where we can and often do search for all the people, we hear about and those who pique our interest, the ex’s name is the last question you should ask. What’s the point? Instead, focus on your own relationship.

2. His or her best quality or feature
Every individual possesses both positive and negative characteristics. Inquiring about his ex’s best feature or trait may simply dampen your spirits, especially if you are negative in that area. If you think you can handle it, go ahead and ask.

3. The sex scene
What he or she likes is fine, but why would you want to destroy yourself by inquiring about the ex’s sex life? That is pure torture, not only for you but also for your partner, who has to respond to this as well! The comparisons and awkwardness could be disastrous.

4. The household
There was a reason why he or she was his or her ex! So why would you want to know whether or not his/her family liked your ex? Your current relationship has nothing to do with your past. It may simply make you want to prove yourself, and you may become overly competitive, which your partner will notice right away. Don’t amplify your insecurities.

5. Whether or not your partner adores them more than you.
That is a very insensitive and unfair question! To begin with, comparing is incorrect, and then asking the other person such a question is inappropriate. You must have faith in yourself. What you bring to the table, and what your relationship accomplishes You’re putting your partner in a difficult situation. This is nothing but insecurity, and it can exacerbate the situation.