The CSIR To Establish a Commercialization Center.


To promote its inventions, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) will soon develop a commercialization center.

Prof. Victor Kwame Agyeman, the Director-General of the CSIR, stated this.

He said negotiations with the Presidency had already taken place in this respect, speaking at the first CSIR Administrators Association of Ghana (CAAG) Delegates Conference in Kwadaso.

“Sustainability of commercialization, research, and development at CSIR in the Covid-19 period and beyond-the role of the CAAG,” is the focus of the conference.

Prof. Agyeman remarked that the majority of the organization’s employees are not business-oriented.

The Ghana Sumatra Limited concept is used to create the Commercialisation Centre. This is a Council subsidiary that controls the delivery of oil palm seeds.

The Centre will include branches in Kumasi, Accra, and Tamale, and will be overseen by a private individual.

“CSIR personnel are not the right people to carry out commercialisation.” As a result, we’ll need a private arm. Any commercialization must take place outside of the CSIR system, although it remains a part of the CSIR.

“We’ll start by hiring a private-sector employee who will be compensated by the IGF. All marketing personnel will be relocated to the Centre.

He responded, “The Minister has discussed with His Excellency the President.”

He stated that, while all marketing employees would be relocated to the Centre within four years, the Council’s Commercialization Unit will not be phased out.

“All of the marketing personnel will be relocated to this new location. “However, if you do not choose to relocate, you will remain at the Commercialization Unit,” he continued.

The President of CAAG stated that the inequitable compensation inequalities between retired and active members have yet to be resolved.

“Our quest for appropriate status for both active duty and retired personnel began when a 24-point petition was officially filed against the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission” (FSWC).

“It must be made abundantly apparent that this action was taken after repeated appeals to FSWC from 2012 to 2018 failed to correct CAAG members’ incorrect placement on the Salary Structure and determination Market premium.

“I should also mention that in January of 2016, a job re-evaluation exercise was done, and as everyone can predict, the conclusion was not in our favor,” he continued.