My Love Conception

Poems & Stories

Love cannot be compared to any feeling
An emotion filled with joy, the heart it’s dwelling
Love is neither anger which brings hatred
Nor the feeling of happiness lasting for a short period
Love is best felt between two people
Whether smart or dumb, strong or feeble
They even feel it when far apart
Because love is abstract, it dwells in the heart
Love is this particular kind of emotion
That centres on a person’s devotion
That is to say, doing all you can for love
Even if it meant loosing all what you have
Now listen dear girls, also boys
Love is a must, but it’s also a choice
From the way I express myself many think I’ve fallen in love
But believe me, not a single beloved do I have
We sometimes deceive ourselves of not being ready
Actually, it’s a choice we’ve made to be steady
I’ve made a choice to wait for a while
Though it sometimes feels like a mile
I’m just waiting for the right person
Not anyone who’d affect my life like a poison
I pray that person comes sooner or later
To complete my life and make it better