Who Am I To You

Poems & Stories

Who am I to you?
Am I just the guy in your life who goes back and forth?
Am I just the person you talk to when you feel bored?
Am I someone who is always disturbing you with calls and texts,
Like an infectious parasite or pest?
Who am I to you?
If you don’t know the answer to this question
I’ll answer for you with just one impression
I’m the guy who would never leave your side no matter how many times you push me away
I’m the guy who’s always going to support you no matter what the world would say
Even if you don’t appreciate all what I’ve done
Let me tell you this, you’ll always be my number one
My life will be better if yours is too
Please accept me in your life and I’ll show you what I can do
I’ll prove to you that I’m the one you’ve been searching for

Just let me in, open your heart’s door