Gabriel of Arsenal fought off a robber wielding a baseball bat.


The Daily Mail said that Arsenal defender Gabriel fought off an intruder with a baseball bat during an attempted robbery at his north London home in August.
According to the claim, Gabriel, 23, and a buddy were followed home by two males wearing masks and hoods who attempted to steal his car, phone, and watch.
One of the attackers appeared to lunge at Gabriel with a bat on film before the Arsenal defender hit him in the face and struggled with him.
After authorities tracked DNA from his hat that fell off during the tussle, the attacker, Abderaham Muse, was sentenced to five years in prison for one act of robbery and one count of possession of an offensive weapon, according to the newspaper.
Two of the conspirators have yet to be apprehended.
Arsenal has been contacted by Reuters for comment.

According to the story, prosecutor Martin Lewis told Harrow Crown Court that “no injuries were sustained but a tremendous degree of shock was generated.” “They chose two victims who were physically fit and capable of looking for themselves.”
Since joining Arsenal from Ligue 1 side Lille last year, Gabriel has made 33 Premier League appearances for the Gunners in all competitions.