Love And It’s Choices


Love is a must, it is also a choice
It is a feeling expressed without noise
Many people always compare love to lust
Others say loving is better than trust
I believe that love is a decision
Made only by one’s heart and intuition
Most people fall in love because of the person’s looks
Not considering even their temperament or bad hooks
They long to see the person’s face everyday
To ensure that they’re always gay
Some also fall in love because of the person’s character
Not considering their looks or nature
In fact, many say they’re in love
When they see someone and their heart jumps above
I only know this is lust
I’d call it love if they act fast
Tell them you love them instead of imagining in your head
You being by their side even in bed
Love doesn’t force you to tell the person you long for
It doesn’t mean you have to wait till they knock your door
Opportunity comes but once, they always say
So while the sun shines you have to make hay
Approach the person, tell them how you feel
Even if you know they wouldn’t consider your appeal
Just go for it, then your mind will be made clear and free
From any worries that will be imposes on thee
I would again say that love is a must
Also a choice, which should be made fair and just