How I See The Ocean

Poems & Stories

The ocean, what is it?
Is it just a vast area filled with water
Or figuratively an immense expanse with no apparent limits?
The ocean depicts many concepts as it turns out
But the most remarkable is life itself
The great waves representing the obstacles and trials we face
And the calm, steady ones
Representing the smooth and relishing times
The most fascinating thing about life and the ocean
Is the unpredictability of both
The tides rising when you least expected
Just as life throwing you back with obstructions
But in every difficult situation there are always breakthroughs
Because the ocean illuminates one on the values of hope and faith
Just like the waves after dying out at the shores gather up
And rise once more with a new force
Sometimes even stronger than the former
It tells us to muster up the courage
And start once again with a new vigour
The ocean indeed elaborates on life’s true essence
From the formlessness to the unfathomable
And finally the tranquility of life