The Sides


The Bible says “it is appointed unto man to die,
And after death there is judgment”
People die, they get buried
They descend to a place to await their judgment
People call this place “The Other Side”
Here some find peace and joy
Others torment and sorrows
They say it’s because of what they did on “This Side”
For those who find peace and joy
They are believed to have led a life of integrity on This Side
They treated others fairly, were kind, and all that
For those who find torment and sorrows
The belief is that they led a blemished life on This Side
They were wicked, cold-hearted, and cared only for themselves
From this analysis, it is established that
When we’re no more, what we did on This Side
Would determine what we’d find on The Other Side
I, therefore, pledge myself to live a positive life here on This Side
So I’d have my peace of mind on The Other Side
I hope you do the same too…