Augusco Trends after Exposing Aquinas Their True Size in 2021 NSMQ


It’s a terrific day for St Augustine’s College candidates and fans throughout the country, as the all-male school trampled over their opponents in the eighth stage of the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

St. Thomas Aquinas seemed like a strong competitor, while Anlo SHS were no match for the two-time winners, Augusco, when Attah Prince and Adjaho George demonstrated their skill and devotion.

Despite the efforts of the 2013 champion located in Cantonments-Osu, Augusco’s domination could not be broken.

Taking to social media shortly as Round Two drew to a close, St Augustine’s College students and supporters began celebrating their anticipated triumph.

This is due to the fact that Augusco had quadrupled St. Thomas Aquinas’ points at the completion of the Speed Race in the second round.

Some adherents of St. Thomas Aquinas, clinging to whatever hope they could muster, felt that the struggle would be won only when the bones were rotting.

However, this lasted just until the end of Round 4. St Augustine’s College lead the game with 61 points at this time. Its nearest rival, St. Thomas Aquinas, received 38 points. Anlo SHS was still establishing its footing in the competition.

Some users believe Aquinas should give up and return to Accra to do what they are most known for – indulge in “jamma.”

With 64 points, St Augustine’s College advanced to the quarter-finals.

It is yet another failed attempt by St. Thomas Aquinas candidates to replicate their predecessors’ feat in 2013.

After their massive triumph on Monday, November 15, Augusco’s undeniable ambition to take the trophy away from reigning champions Presec-Legon should ring loudly in the ears of all challengers.