Twitter Blue is now Available in the United States and New Zealand.


Twitter has officially announced that its feature Twitter Blue is now available in the United States and New Zealand for $2.99 / NZD 4.49 a month across iOS, Android, and web users.

Twitter Blue intends to provide members with even more features, information, and opportunities to join in the conversation.

“Earlier this year, we launched Twitter Blue in Australia and Canada,” Twitter said. Since then, we’ve been listening to and learning from the most enthusiastic and outspoken Twitter users about how to make their experience more personalized, frictionless, and, simply put, better.”

“We’ve been energized by the response we’ve had so far.” The development is ongoing, and there is much more to be built, but in the meanwhile, here is the most recent glimpse inside Twitter Blue.”

When visiting many of their favorite news sites available in the US from Twitter, such as The Washington Post, L.A. Times, USA TODAY, The Atlantic, Reuters, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Insider, and The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter Blue members will enjoy a fast-loading, ad-free reading experience on iOS and desktop.

This is only the beginning for Ad-free Articles, with much more ad-free content on the way as Twitter expands its agreements with more publishers in more areas.

Help to keep the free press alive and well. “As part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen and support publishers and a free press, a percentage of the money from Twitter Blue subscription fees is distributed directly to publishers in our network.” Our objective is to assist each publishing partner in earning 50% more per person than they would have made by showing advertisements to that individual. Twitter states, “A better experience for readers — and greater support for the content they care about.”

Twitter Blue launches in US and New Zealand

Subscribers can easily access the most-shared stories in their network during the previous 24 hours, which is designed with Nuzzel fans in mind, so they can know what’s essential in their community right away. This provides members with a new and additional option to stay up to date on Twitter.

Personalize your Twitter account.

Subscribers may personalize their Twitter experience by using special app icons, colorful themes, and Bookmark Folders. Twitter is also offering Custom Navigation, which allows members to personalize what displays in their navigation bar for easy access to their favorite Twitter locations.

Tweet More Wisely, Read More Thoroughly.

Subscribers may use Undo Tweet to preview and improve Tweets before they are sent. Subscribers also have access to Reader, which makes long discussions simpler to read. They may also customize their experience by changing the text size inside Reader.

Twitter Blue Labs: Get first dibs on new features.

Finally, subscribers have first dibs on things that Twitter is testing before anybody else! Based on input from subscribers, these capabilities may someday become available to the rest of Twitter, graduate to a feature of Twitter Blue, or sunset.

Subscribers will be allowed to submit videos of up to 10-minutes (as opposed to the customary 2 minutes for non-subscribers) via Longer Video Uploads and pin their favorite conversations to the top of their DM’s via Pinned Conversations for the time being.

We’re adjusting as we go, based on your comments.

From the start, Twitter discovered that existing subscribers appreciated many of the new features introduced to the market, such as the ability to customize and tailor their Twitter experience to meet their needs and personalities, and, of course, the ability to review their Tweets before they go public.

Twitter also discovered that users desire even more customisation, unique first glances, and the flexibility to customize their Twitter experience. And we’re working hard to get there.

“With Twitter Blue, we’re not only giving the most active Twitter users more of what they want, but we’re also directly supporting local, national, and ad-free media.” Twitter Blue is still in its early stages, and we’re looking forward to listening, learning, and developing even more features and capabilities in the coming months. As we look forward, you can expect additional features in Labs, more customization options on all sorts of surfaces, and even a few surprises along the way!” Twitter declared.

Subscriptions are available now. You may send comments on Twitter at any moment.

Users in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand should go to Twitter’s main menu through their app or desktop to subscribe to and unlock Twitter Blue. Stay up to speed on our newest features and announcements by following @TwitterBlue.