Endless Love

Poems & Stories

Exquisite body, elegant style
A face so beautiful, gets one starting for a while
Indeed God’s handiwork, such a remarkable stature
As fragile as a priceless treasure
You’re diligent and charming
And your beauty is so alarming
You possess such great charisma
That is surrounded by your positive aura
You’re as radiant as the moonlight
Like stars in the sky shining ever so bright
Endless Love, a name so rare
One accompanied by delight and not fear
Having you in my life is one of the greatest gifts ever
Your self-respect and dignity is something I admire
I may be wrong to say you’re an example of perfection
But it’s true because it defines your undeniable intuition
One in a million, phenomenal amongst all
What a creation! You, I’ll always adore