ECOWAS condemns Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has criticized Russia’s military incursion into the Republic of Ukraine, which has resulted in civilian casualties.
In a statement, ECOWAS expressed its deep worry about the military incursion.
It strongly condemned the action, urging “both parties to cease fighting and use dialogue to resolve their differences in the interest of regional peace.”

ECOWAS also urged all parties to protect the safety of all of its member countries’ citizens in Ukraine.
Early on Thursday morning, the Russian military launched an invasion of Ukraine.
Despite calls from world leaders for de-escalation, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, announced the military operation at dawn.
Explosions have been reported near major Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv, the country’s capital.
Russia’s resistance to Ukraine’s progress towards European institutions such as Nato and the EU has sparked recent tensions.