Akufo-Addo has forfeited his moral right to demand an e-levy. – Adongo Isaac


Isaac Adongo, the MP for Bolgatanga Central, has dismissed claims that the e-levy is the panacea for Ghana’s economic woes.
“It is greed that has brought us here,” Mr. Adongo remarked on Eyewitness News.
The MP made his remarks after President Akufo-Addo stated that passing the e-levy will be in the public’s best interests.
Mr. Adongo claimed that the President no longer has the moral authority to make such a decision since he “has not showed dedication to protecting the public purse.”
“How can an e-levy prevent the President from traveling in chartered planes and wasting taxpayer dollars?” How does the e-levy prevent Ken Ofori-Atta from using Databank to borrow money for the state and then charging fees for it?”
Mr. Adongo further stated that the administration must be forthright about the situation of the economy.

“The economy has already passed us by. If they want us to find a solution, they need to build a national consensus and recognize that Ghana belongs to all of us and that they are at a loss,” he remarked.
The E-levy is a new tax on fundamental transactions related to digital payments and electronic platform transactions that were implemented by the government in the 2022 Budget.
Electronic transactions worth more than GH100 per day will be subject to a 1.75 percent fee.
The e-acceptance levy by Parliament has been fraught with difficulties, with the minority opposing it.
The government has stated that it intends to withdraw the law from parliament, alter it, and reintroduce it.