High Court has sentenced bank employee to 25 years in prison for a role in a $600,000 robbery.


A judge in the Cape Coast High Court, Justice Kwasi Boakye, singled out a bank employee in a $600,000 robbery and sentenced him to 25 years in prison.
Michael Fosu, alias ‘Bursar,’ a cleaner at the Ghana Commercial Bank branch in Asikuma in the Central Region, was one of four people who planned to steal $600,000 from a bank customer.
Even though Michael’s portion of the treasure was the smallest – $10,000 — Justice Kwasi Boakye opted to single him out and deal with him harshly while sentencing the four people.

“I take note of the part he played in the commissioning of the heist,” the court said. The indisputable evidence is that Michael called one of the robbers to inform him that the customer had withdrawn the money and was leaving the bank premises.”
They were successful in the operation based on the call made by the bank personnel to his peers.
Michael’s actions were defined by the judge as a danger and a menace to society.
Justice Kwasi Boakye issued a severe warning to bank employees with such intents, advising them to leave immediately because the courts would deal with them harshly.
In the wake of the recent spike in the number of robbery attacks on the banking sector, he also urged the country’s security apparatus in crime-fighting to focus their attention on questionable characters within the banking industry.
Justice Kwasi Boakye gave the robbers the opportunity to speak before sentencing them.
“If I am proven guilty, I wish to appeal for leniency,” the first robber said. I have three children and am a family man. I am in charge of them. I’m married. I swear to the Court that it will never happen again.”
“I have recognized my guilt in this trial,” the second robber said. I appreciate the Court’s tolerance with me during this trial. I am a husband and father with two children. “Please forgive me,” I beg.”

“Please, I have sinned,” the third stated. That is something I would never do again. It will not happen again, I promise. Back at home, I have a sick mother. “As a result, I am pleading.”
Justice Kwasi Boakye sentenced three of the thieves to 20 years in jail with hard labor for conspiring to commit robbery in violation of sections 23 [1] and 149 [1] of the Criminal and Other Offences Act, 1960 [Act 29], while the bank staff was sentenced to 25 years in prison with hard labor.