The Supreme Court of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana School of Law has impeached Wisdom Victor Kutor as its President after he was found guilty of financial impropriety.

The SRC accused Mr. Kutor of buying a car from his own company for the SRC, and another one for his personal use under circumstances it described as questionable. They also accused him of running a mobile money business for the SRC with his private company and therefore diverted proceeds from there for his personal use.

He was further accused of making unilateral decisions on foreign travels for the SRC, and single-handedly selected his cohorts to benefit.

Mr. Wisdom Kutor denied these allegations.

The Ghana School of Law looked into the alleged financial impropriety and found evidence that Mr. Kutor placed his personal interest in conflict with that of the SRC. They recommended that the requisite statutory processes should be triggered by the appropriate bodies to remove him as president.

They also recommended other disciplinary sanctions for him, since he breached fiduciary duties and the presidential oath.

The SRC’s Supreme Court ruled to impeach him and will soon provide its full judgment on the case.