Victims of Appiatse Disaster Association (VOADA) has called on the Appiatse Relief Committee to address some major concerns regarding their restitution.

In a 15-point release, the Association demanded from the Committee satisfactory responses concerning the reconstruction of their town. They are seeking compensation for their property losses, their health and their future, among others, after the fatal explosion on 20th January, 2022.

The statement requested MAXAM Company Ltd, ARTHAANS Logistics and the Committees formed to compensate the affected members, since the blast has brought them mental, emotional, psychological, physical, and financial trauma, which is making their lives unbearable.

They also demanded from the company that caused the explosion an unqualified apology, which they said was long overdue. They continued that natural law demands that the MAXAM Company should have visited Appiatse to commiserate with them for lives lost and properties destroyed after the blast. They complained that it is careless on the part of the Company to not have visited the Community since the occurrence, nor sent even a word to them.