Thousands of residents in the Ketu South Municipality have taken to the streets to vent their frustrations stemming from the operations of the Seven Seas Salt Company Limited in the area.

The demonstrators filled the streets of Denu and Torkor bearing placards and chanting songs and invectives, calling on the Government and the Minerals Commission to halt the Company’s activities.

The Company comes under fire since a mother and her three children, drowned on September 17, when they fell into a pit, which the residents say was dug by the Seven Seas Salt Mining Limited.

Sylvester Kumawu, the Convener of the protests, said they are aware that the Minerals Commission has granted the Company a permit to mine salt at Adina and its enclave. However, the Seven Seas Salt Company Limited have used the opportunity to create deep dikes and those holes have become a source of worry for the residents, since they pose serious threats to lives and property in the area.

He complained that they have approached the mining company to stop its activities, yet they didn’t heed the calls.

He intimated that if the Company remains recalcitrant in its activities, the community shall resort to a court action against them, since they have refused to even engage them on the matter.