Accra | Foodstuffs Prices Increases

Cassava, Yam, and Plantain are the main crops affected by the price hike. A bunch of plantains, which were sold between GH¢ 12.00 and GH¢ 20.00 is now being sold up to GH¢ 25.00.
Yam sellers said the demand for yam was high but due to the price rise, they were not able to purchase much from suppliers. Farmers said the higher prices were not deliberate and appealed to consumers to manage what was available on the market and bear with them in terms of the prices. The GNA observed that plantain suppliers complained that the scarcity of plantain had slowed down their business activities, apart from the negative impact of COVID-19.
Madam Akua Nipaa, a plantain supplier within the CMB yard, said she used to supply about three cars of Plantain a week, but that she struggled to get a car now. The situation has changed, and that she has been unable to get plantain at the market, she said.

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