Adventures Of Big Boi: Season 01 Ep-6

Stories (18+)


Man: ’’open dis door, Anita I know you are in there, open this gate at once!!’’

Oh Yehowa, I’m still hard as steel, I wish this man will go and come back in 5 minutes, because I no cum yet. The idea of him being a military man made my d**k loose within 3 seconds, I ask her in a low tone…..

BB: ’’eiii, who be that?’’….she stops me from making a sound by hushing me….

Anita:’’shuuuuu, don’t make a sound, it’s my husband ooo, he just got back from Beirut, Lebanon….he will kill us today’’….!!

BB: ’’kill you n who?’’….kwasia su..!!!

I know Anita is tough gerr but I never see say she dey fear like this before, seeing her like that made me shiver more. Komfo too still dey bang bang the door, wey I respond from afar….

BB: ’’who that?….what do you want?’’

Man:’’e be your father I dey want, idiot, open dis door you no dey hear?’’

Eii, which kind matter koraa be this….ah big boi? Noorrr I start dey think….what will Sweaty do? Should I open this door and face the whippings pr3ko or should I introduce Anita to Ann??? Because the only safest place to hide Anita is the washroom. I try calm Anita down…..

BB: ’’listen to me, hmnm, ermm yes there’s someone else in the washroom, but please promise me you will not start another war’’…..i see say Anita dey fear waaaa….

Anita: ’’start another war? Am I that stupid? Do I look like Hitler to you? If you open this door and he sees me here, he will kill me, we would both be dead before I start another war….!

BB: ‘’ok’’…I take her to the washroom, she sees Ann…

Anita: “herrr Ann, what are you doing here? ’’With disbelief, I just stood there watching from Ann to Anita….

BB: “do you girls know each other?’’….Anita no dey hear ooo, she wan make them kill we tonight, she fool too much, she tries to charge at Ann….

Anita: “you b!tch!!’’….i block am….

BB: “hey Anita, are you paranoid or you on some cheap drugs, you dey craze abi, you wan make your “Blackhawk down” husband kill we, innit?’’…I remind am of her promise not to react, she calms down, she never see say I bore like that before but what I go do, death just dey hang around the corner smiling at me. I then take Ann back to the bedroom and lock Anita for the washroom inside…..

I made Ann take off her clothing to act as if na we dey f**k….

Ann: “anyway, why should I help?’’

BB: ’’because you don’t have a choice, we are all in this together ooo, that man out there is one crazy ex-military ex-con….so if he kills both Anita and I, he x going to kill you too because you would be a witness….’’ Come see the way Ann dey shake (you know dis dada bee babes, gyimii nkoaa)….

Ann: “ok ok let’s go’’

We went to the door together naked, my God!!! We check like Adam n Eve as God call them, she make sexy, just at da sight of her p***y shape make I root chaley. My dick start dey rise den expand, slow motion, she notice my intention and slaps my dick ‘’kpa’’…

BB: “aajeeiisshh’’ Ann your morda!!!

Ann: “get serious’’…

Forking gerr, if in this situation, a man can still root like this, does it look like a joke..?? I open the door!!! Gban!!! I be man too, today di33, what can come can come, wetin man no see before….knock no dey tear head, etuo to ah, esi b33ma bo….asotor) b3n wo ah, wo mia weni na wagye no pr3ko…

BB: “yes good evening…how may I help you?’’

I start dey pray to God…’’God make this man no bore, he go sound me first or punch me….how I go dodge am? Eii, I see something in his shorts like gun….i no like the look on his face. There nooorrr Ann hold me sexually from my back and stepped out naked…

Ann: “ah baby, who is that?’’…..she sh3daaa raise her leg small confuse the paddy, they say men will never change in any situation….both this paddy then me start dey root come.

Man: ’’ermm, good evening, ermm is somebody else in there?’’

BB: “excuse me, I asked you a question, how may I help you (I dey fear to ooo)’’

Man: “he bore, has Anita been here tonight?’’

BB: “who is Anita?’’….i knew the man will be thinking ‘’ah but I saw her enter here’’…he tries to look pass me, then I opened the door…

BB: “is your p***y missing boss? If you don’t leave my house, I will call da police’’…..speechless the man backed away, I watched him walk away until he couldn’t be seen n went back inside….

Ann: “what is going on here?’’

BB: ’’wait, wait, how do you know Anita?’’

Ann: “me and her used to be lovers’’

Me: “herh….surprised… be lesbian too?’’….she nods her head, I took a deep breath. There norrr about 15 tawzin adwen fi start dey run through my erected head inside, I start dey lick ma muff…. ‘’Bigboi, think well, in fact brainstorm…plenty meat no dey spoil soup, one in the shower, one in the bedroom….some threesome won’t be bad koraaa….Alla’’

Me: “so if I open this door, you won’t fight abi?’’

Ann: “oh we are cool’’….i open the shower door noorrrr Anita rush Ann in top…

They start kissing…..!!! “abele”, way3 sika!!!