Alerts over Christmas travel from specialists / doctors

Senior specialists/doctors are cautioning of the perils of Christmas travel around the nation, due to the danger of spreading Covid. Cited in various Finnish news sources, the Main Doctor of Vaasa Clinic Area Peter Nieminen says it’s reasonable when individuals move, so does the infection; while the Main Clinical Official from Focal Finland Medical clinic Locale Juha Paloneva echoes alerts about the potential for occasional spread of Coronavirus; and the Vice president of Helsinki and Uusimaa Emergency clinic Region Eeva Ruotsalainen is asking individuals to dodge superfluous travel this occasion period.

“It is human that people want to meet their relatives at Christmas because it is a family celebration,” says Ruotsalainen. “But now it is important to understand that it is also human to protect your loved ones and yourself from infection.”

Kobby Koomson
Author: Kobby Koomson

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