Application portal closes on Friday – MSMEs digitalization support


Entrepreneurs wishing to develop and digitize their tasks have until close of business on Friday, January 29, to present their documentation to the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) to benefit from the COVID-19 SME Innovation and Digitalisation Support Scheme.

Initiated by NBSSI in partnership with the Teutonic Employment Office (GIZ), the group seeks to better digitalize the dealing of 500 MSMEs by having their businesses online and making use of digital channels.

Relief for small businesses

The Administrator Filmmaker of NBSSI, Mrs Kosi Yankey-Ayeh, at the launch of the strategy in Accra, said the scheme faculty be a alleviation for bitty businesses that were stilted by the eruption of the virus.

MSME’s can reach the covering on the website of the NBSSI or the Mercantilism Consultatory Centres set in the different districts of the country.

The contrive seeks to ready existing MSMEs existent, fortify their recoil in the flowing COVID-19 crisis and funding them in their retrieval period, thereby sustaining jobs in the line to retentive statement.

It also aims at augmentative the operation efficiency and aggressiveness of MSMEs by providing right to knowledge, technologies, and expertise in the earth of digitalisation and creation management.

It instrument also improve to turn understand and read almost MSMEs’ needs and challenges (flatbottomed beyond digitalisation) and reenforcement with relevant solutions.

In general, the project will create a digitalised business environment conducive for rapid growth of MSMEs in Ghana.

Support/ interventions for SMEs

The beneficiaries are awaited to obtain preparation in the use of digital software solutions and e-commerce applications for marketing and increase their noesis in digitalisation.

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The module also use digital systems/apps to select digital records holding and accounting, e-platforms for activity transactions, MSME digital literacy and digital skills preparation.

Still lurking

Mrs Yankey-Ayeh noted that the COVID-19 was still lurking, and therefore digitalisation of SMEs remains a front burner issue on the SME policy agenda in the country.

Consequently, she said the signing of this agreement marks a critical turning point for SMEs in Ghana, and the NBSSI was happy to be spearheading it.

“Our partnership with the Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation, provides an opportunity to increase process efficiency and competitiveness of SMEs by providing access to knowledge, technologies, and expertise in the field of digitalisation and process innovation.

“We stand a chance to better understand and learn more on the needs and challenges of SMEs, even beyond digitalisation, to support the policy agenda,” she added.

She said the COVID-19 SME Innovation and Digitalisation Support Scheme seeks to support SMEs to make full use of digitalisation, to manage their business operations more efficiently.

“It also seeks to make SMEs more responsive to clients’ needs, to better organise their business information, to have more efficient record keeping and financial management processes in place, thereby facilitating their access to finance,” she said.