Armed Robbers invent new tactics on Bolgatanga roads

Residents of Bolgatanga say armed robbers have worked out a new way of stealing from motorists. The gangsters, according to residents, stand well-dressed by the roadside and, with pistols concealed under their clothes. They then draw close to any motorcyclist as road users are being held at an intersection by the red traffic lights.

Then, they whisper a stern order to the victim to quietly hand over the bike to them and either remain calm at the spot until they leave with the automobile or get shot for any attempt to resist. Police say they will be making the police mount checks at the various traffic lights and will be observing the scene of the robberies.

“If you have other road users around you when you are under such an attack, you could raise alarm because he can’t fire you alone,” says the Bol Gatanga Divisional Commander of the Ghana Police Service, Chief Superintendent Dela K. Dzansi. The raid was also reported that a raid was launched on a biker in a similar recently around an old steel bridge.


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