Before you buy a new smartphone, read this or regret later

Complete the day without a smartphone. I challenge you to do this survey on yourself just for a day. Its much more than impossible to live without a phone. The features introduced by mobile phone brands entices users to purchase more and keep wanting till they finally settle with the one their heart desires even though human wants are endless. When our mind is made up on a new phone we get trickled with many questions.

But the main questions are:

  • Which brand?
  • How much is it?
  • Would it last long? (Durability)
  • Would this brand satisfy my need. ie. the features you expect from your new phone

Here are what you should consider when buying a new smartphone.

1. Your pocket is your budget

You make Gh¢800 a month, Gh¢150 a week or maybe you are currently holding Gh¢500 now. There are a lot of quality brands today. Android brands like Huawei, Tecno, Infinix, Oppo, Itel,etc and the almighty IPhone, the only IOS brand. All these newly released android phones are so affordable and with less than Gh¢500 you can get yourself a classy smartphone with high quality camera, good storage and user friendly just like you wanted. Don’t go wanting an IPhone below your budget otherwise you would be disappointed for nothing buying below your budget from….you know.

2. Your requirements on usage

Mostly the battery and storage of the phone keeps huge records on apps we use. Probably about 70% for social media and the rest for games and miscellaneous tasks. So what are you going to use the smartphone for?

For your business, gaming and browsing, make sure the phone’s minimum processor speed is 1.8 to 2 Gigahertz (1.8~2GHz) and 2GB ram. If its more then you are good to go. Because they provide fast animations in opening apps, boost network speed and multitasking. Its annoying to see popups like “Unfortunately playstore has stopped working”, your ram and processor speed are the culprits

Today it will be labelled as dumb to buy android 4.4.2 smartphone. Oh!, its because of your budget, no its not. These old phones are drastically aging away because they don’t have enough room in this advanced today. Go out with at least android 8 version with your budget. Don’t worry you can afford it. The higher the android version the higher the quality of the smartphone.

3. Its just a smartphone, not your life

Don’t squander all your budget on a phone. You have yourself, most importantly, you have family and friends. Your siblings will definitely ask you for a tip and you will say ” I just spent my salary on my new phone”. You have set a family record with that. It should never be that way then later you starve and blame the kind devil. The best way to plan for a new better smartphone is saving 20% of your salary each month. If you are a high income earner then you just only have to consider and above and leave this side for the legends.

Source: scoopgh

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