Bolga | 500 Foreign Nationals Arrested

Preliminary investigations showed that 18 of the foreigners were Burkinabes, while the rest were Nigerians. Police would conduct further investigations to find out those who were residing in the country legally and illegally. Those found to be illegal residents would be handed over to the GIS for possible repatriation to their respective countries.

Police advised residents of the region to do background checks on foreigners who wanted to rent their houses or apartments by liaising with the police. Police warned residents not to harbour criminals or people with suspicious backgrounds, as those residents would not be spared if found out. The Upper East Regional Police Command had begun an operation to weed out criminals and curb crime in the region, stressed ASP David Fianko-Okyere.

He stressed that the approved routes were being manned effectively by the security agencies and so it was unlikely that people would use those routes to get into the country. The operation would continue with snap checkpoints, 24-hour patrol by uniformed men and plainclothes intelligence-gathering personnel in the streets and everywhere in the Upper East Region.

The Regional Police Command began an exercise as part of efforts to curb the increasing rate of crime in the region. 75 per cent of violent crimes, particularly robbery, use unregistered motorbikes to commit those crimes. The GIS has also cautioned Ghanaians living in communities along the country’s land borders to be vigilant and careful about their interactions with foreigners.

That follows news of a massive jail break in Nigeria where 1,800 people escaped a fortnight ago, a situation that has also seen the GIS trigger high-alert surveillance at the borders.

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More than 1, 800 prisoners are on the run from southeast Nigeria after they had escaped when heavily armed gunmen attacked their prison.

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