Complete breakdown of Law & Order in Ghana Police Service – Edwin Nii Lantey

Edwin Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, Member of Parliament for Odododiodoo constituency, says there is a total failure of law and order within the Ghana Police Service.

Most of the officers take instructions from politicians, exhibit high level of indiscipline within the service said by the former Youth and Sports Minister.

He said these in an interview with TV3 after the Minority presented a petition to the Electoral Commission (EC) against the results of the elections, on Tuesday December 22.

He said, “There is total breakdown of law and order, command and operations within the security services.

“There is total breakdown of discipline within the security services. I experienced it when a whole officer of the Ghana Police service was issuing instructions and an ordinary rank was countering the instruction of the officers.

“When a Police junior officer was brutalizing me a sitting Member of Parliament and our officer was standing and the officer cannot talk because that junior officer was talking instructions from a political person who has control over the Police service.

“Today we think it is Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, no. It is the moral fiber of this country which is being adulterated and mutilated. It is something we must all rise up to.”


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