Shemi and Ali 1

Date Rush: Video Of Moment Shemima Fell Down After Ali Tried To Carry Her Pops Up (Video)


Ali and Shemima are gradually emerging as the most intriguing ‘couple’ on TV3’s Date Rush.

Ali and Shemima gave Ghanaians something to talk about as they appeared on the reunion program last night, after setting social media on fire a few times after their episode aired on TV with some footage of themselves enjoying life together.

When the lovebirds arrived on the show, Ali attempted to carry Shemima as a sign of his affection, but it didn’t end well for either of them.

Shemima dropped flat on the stage like a ‘sack of rice,’ and Ali disregarded her as if he was unaware she was laying on the floor due to his incapacity to carry her.