Eastern Region | Over 15,000 slots still available for free shs students

The Eastern Regional Coordinator for the secretariat Kenneth Anim explained that the capacity of schools in the region to admit more students was boosted to 84,018. He said a total of 68,784 qualified students representing 81.87% of the total capacity were placed in the area out of which 61,451 students were enrolled for the 2020/2021 academic year.

The rest of the 7,333 students had not reported in schools to be enrolled. The Eastern Regional coordinator said some of the students have been admitted to private senior high schools with a little more than 9,000 as against the 15,000 vacancies. He was however disappointed that he was not able to find students in any of the schools that have not been placed at the 8,955th in the total number of qualified students for the region.

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSPS) secretariat has revealed that 15,234 vacancies still exist in public senior high and technical schools. The number represents 89.34% out of the 68,783 qualified students. The CSPS has also revealed that the number of students expected to be in these schools was not reported to be as high as expected. Bismark Adu is an orphan and now living with his Auntie in the village of Koforidua in Ghana, says, the guardians were searching for admission for him in a fee-paying Hyundai Koica Technical School in Koforidua under the Ministry of Trade and Industry to pursue his dream of becoming an Electric Engineer.

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