Ewe is Ghana’s second most widely spoken language.

A recent report said the Ewe language is only second to the Akan language. 9.1 million Ghanaians speak Akan and its various dialects, while 3.82 million people in the country speak Ewe. The English language does function as an official language, a section of the report added. The report listed other languages widely spoken in Ghana as Abron, Dagbani, Dangme, Dagaar, Konkomba, Ga, Farefare, Kusaal, Mampruli and Gonja. The Data Population Review took into consideration 50 languages that are spoken across Ghana. The data also suggests just 745,000 people speak the Ga language, which is the indigenous language of persons in Accra. The Abron language is said to be spoken by 1.17 million people, followed by Dag bani, 1.16 million people and 1.02 million people. The Dang me language is spoken by about 831,000 and 638,000.

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