Ghanaian-American shared experience with COVID-19 vaccination

“Free your minds of any negatives and voluntarily accept without fear the COVID-19 vaccine shots because they are as safe as any other vaccine approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO),” a Ghanaian-born American citizen, Mrs Tina Jacobs, has advised Ghanaians.

She said people who took the jabs were not likely to react to it but stated that even when some of them reacted the reaction would go away in no time. Mrs Jacobs described the negative reactions to the vaccine as unfortunate and unnecessary because it was a lifesaver and not a killer.

Mrs Jacobs said for the President to achieve the vision, he required the cooperation of all and sundry. She urged the people not to leave the education on the vaccine to the government alone.


Kobby Koomson
Author: Kobby Koomson


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