Ghetto Love: Adventures of Big Boi (Season 1 Ep 3)

Stories (18+)


Oh yawa ooo….i rushed back to the shower to warn Ann…

BB: ‘’Maame is here ooo, she dey suspect say somebody dey here plus me’’.

Ann: ‘’eii then what do I do, where should I hide?’’

BB: ‘’no you…just stay here, I will make sure she doesn’t come this way, and don’t make a sound’

She nodded and I left to the door, still semi-erected, but at this moment, this d!ck get a mind on its own. She kept banging on the door and I yelled out…!!

BB: ‘’Maame, I’m coming”…..i opened the door….

Anita… ex-girlfriend, crazy sexy gerr, the model type, she’s everything a man wants but not what a man needs…..because she get MAAAFIA mentality, she make I smoke weed, in fact ibi in she teach me how to smoke that tin…..she comes and goes anytime she dey want, fvcks me to stupor, she catch me “AGAGYE”….fine boy abr3.

Anita: ‘’who be Maame? You dey fvck your body err?’’

BB: ‘’oh, why you dey talk so? I figure say ma mommy…!

Anita: ‘’3s3 woara’….

She walks straight in, sits on the bed and starts unlacing her chucks…..yeah, Anita no be then high heel chik some…..either in chucks or slides. My heart cot because Anita dey tap Ann in bra top….’Yesu’, I sit beside her and try to remove the bra quietly….she gets up and switches the TV on, at this point Ann’s bra is under the bed, sharp. She push me for the bed top like I be sum p***y and starts kissing me, I respond (“don’t really even have a choice”) and we continue to kiss….

Anita: ‘’I miss you baby’’….hmmm, I know she only says that when she wants sex, eii but Ann dey da shower too ooo, ahh well since she give me tough time wey she no make I chop da tin, make I take this opportunity kill any blue balls occurrence….dat sh!t BAD!!!

Anita be sooo soft and can kiss, eiiiii…….she dey ma top kissing ma neck, she know say that be my weak point. I put my hand into her shirt and find her boobs….Anita in boobs be like da foreign banana type some, with da nipples pointing to the top, e curve like Messi free kick. If like ibi road like there will be a sign post that reads “hoot horn”- sharp curve ahead. I start dey caress the nipples and removed her shirt, remove in skirt and even her ‘’trvmu aboi’’ G-string……abowa bowa, come see body. As I stated earlier, Anita be the model type…..she ticks green in every department of the female vital statistics… can say she’s a replica of “Nicky Minaj” yeah yeah. She takes off ma boxers, and I’m as hard as an igneous rock, hard as odum wey them polish, I SWEARRIGAD’’….

She begin to tongue-twist around my nipple concentrating on my areola and moves down to my belly button, at this point I tot she wanted to give me a new umbilical cord, the way she just dey fix in tongue in and out ma belly button, only Psalm 23 fit save me…..”yea tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”, that tin some……anyway, she moves to my metallic dick, slowly puts it in her muff…..”great Thor of Askgard”, Anita in muff inside warm, like she just drank volcanic magma, Gracious…..!!!

I start dey praise my body for my head inside……’’sheeee Baba, come see your boy and shy….na me this?’’ trust me Anita knows how to play with the tip of my d!ck….my legs begin to shake like I get epilepsy, my hands still dey smooch in curly boobs, just when I try to finger am, she stops me….

Anita: ‘’wait, I need to take my shower first, I want to make this great’’…

Eiiii asem aba fie!! Ann is in da shower!!! I stood in her way…..come to think of it, I would rather eat the ‘’momoni’’ so noorr than to start a fight between these two Anns…..”by the way make this great’’ she said, ahh absolute nansinz…..this be honeymoon?

Me: ‘’come on babes, you are not smelling, I dey like am so nooorr’’…..

Anita: ‘’oh BB paaa, aahh, from morning I have been in the sun aaah, and besides I need to pee’’.

Eiiii Ataa Na Nyumgmo Yeii…..what would Snr Echo do? To prove to her that I don’t really care about the smell, I just toss am for the bed top and buried ma head in between her thighs…

Jesus Christ….!!! fhuu fhuu fhuu, heerh *momoi anye*, the cat is dead, but I for mia ma eye then lick am…..the “toto” be attractive, you know wah-a-min, its meaty (kpafuuuuu) but asay, at this point it’s holding your breath tactics. I got to the cl!ts, start dey tickle am plus my tongue, “I go get sour throat p333”, her legs start dey vibrate like nokia 3310… then I am hard as steel, she make I shun, oh great thanks because I no get vitamin C….gets on top of me ….as she make ready say she go insert pathfinder noorrrr…….

A big bang on the door…….”bang!! bang!! bang!!

‘’Heeerrh  BigBoi open the door, I know you are in there with that bitch….open the door or I swear I go break this door down’’… this point my mind check like ‘’eiiii SWAT is in….not again!!!



Watch out for episode 4 this Thursday.