Ghetto Love: Adventures of Big Boi (Season 1-Ep 5)

Stories (18+)


She tries to force herself into the washroom, but I stop her with a surprise kiss, she responds and my heart start dey beat faster, I start touching her from behind, she responds and I keep praying she forgets about the washroom… hands goes straight to rubbing her clits, beneath the g-string, she stops and asks again…..

Anita: ‘’no, no, no wait….who do you have in there?’’….

Trust me, at that moment, da last thing I wish she remembers is the washroom…..i continued kissing her as if I didn’t hear her, trying to get her mind over it.

BB: ’’come on baby, aren’t you feeling me right now?’’….

She couldn’t answer now because I’m tickling her clits, and started paying more attention to her nipples too….i know her weak points so I started exploring through my advantages…she was still stubborn but before she ended her last request to check the washroom, I just skipped straight to her clits with my tongue……

Anita: ‘’ooooo….ooooo,’’ She grabs ma head and started forcing it into her pussy, den I realized ‘’that b!tch is turned on’’……now that I had her attention, I relax. I grip her clits with my lips n start licking da clits like some ice cream, I could feel her moaning ma name…

Anita: ’’ooooo, oh BB…. Who is in….oooooo shit, yeah, yesss oooo, herrrr I can’t leave you, heerh oooo BB, yes, yess, yesss….Anita be the talkative type, I no mind am, at this point, she squirt like 3 times….at this moment my 2 fingers start dey thrust into am in and out like pendulum…..she grabs ma d**k and starts rubbing it.

All of a sudden, Ann’s phone starts ringing loud from the washroom, Anita tries to react but I kept pushing in and out faster….!!!

Anita:’’oooo BB…oooo BB, faster….i kept going like that, in-out, in-out, in-out, she start dey talk nonsense. ‘’oh yessss…oh yes…oh yes you are sweet, don’t stop…..i add another finger, e dey bee am…

BB: ’’I’m not stopping baby, like I fool…I’m all yours tonight’’….

Anita: ’’I can’t wait any longer, just do me baby’’…..i tear condom put ma d**k in body, she be neatly shaved so ma dick locate the hole straight…..

BB: ’’mmm babes, you too tight tonight ooo’’

Anita:’’ooo yess, it’s been a while since I had sex’’…..wait- wait- wait, I smell nonsense, she dey lie who for here, her morda…I dawg am wey I start dey go faster, her nipples are about to explode, my d**k go fit shake coconut tree make coconut fall….

Alla…!!! Karfiiiii                                                                                                                                                    In out, in out, in out…..i could sense she was about to cum, she grabs me tight wey she start dey grow wild for my top, she push me over and sits on me….this gerrr!!! She start dey ride me like I be treadmill, I just lay back dey observe,’’herrrh Baba, come see your boi’’…..this gerrr dey hypnotize me, she dey f**k me like she steal me….!!

We change positions, she gave me her back, her big round ass I use to see in those tight pants are right in front of me, I squeeze the left one first, then I squeeze the right one, then I squeeze both at the same time, I hold my dick wey I insert am like DVD, sloooowly…..hehe

The faster I go, the more she moaned, I just started getting flashes of what kinda person Ann will think I am….a pervert or something like that but I no mind….she could hear us. Anita has already cum like 4-5 times, she stops fucking and starts to suck me again….

Anita: ’’baby why are you not cumming?’’…did you take any pill???

Nonsense again….!!!

Gbang!! Gbang!!  Gbang!! On the door…..we both froze for a second, the banging of the door continues….a man shouts from outside the door angrily…!!!

Man: ’’open this door, Anita I know you are in there, open this gate at once…!!!

I forgot to tell you Anita has a military husband………….yeah yeah I’m BigBoi and this is my story!!!

Watch out for episode 6 next week.