Ghetto Love: Adventures of Big Boi (Season 1)

Stories (18+)

Season 01 – Episode 01

Ann: ‘’please stop it’’

I can feel her heart beats pounding like an earthquake.

BigBoi: ‘’come on baby, don’t you love me?’’

Ann: ‘’I do but it’s too early for this’’.

There noorr I see say the girl wan play hard to get, so I try plan B….i try act as if I bore so say I go get a sympathy f**k…..she fell for my moves.

Ann: ‘’ei Big Boi, are you angry with me?’’

BigBoi: ‘’why not? You dey claim say you love me, but you can’t trust yourself to me….!

Before I could land she interrupts me by kissing me passionately, she hold my hand to her erected and hardened nipples!!

Ann: ‘’ok it’s all yours’’

In my head I was like ‘’oyiwa, what can come can come’’…..then I start dey play plus her nipples, I then moved from her lips n focused on the nipple, with my tongue circling her erected nipple…..she begin dey moan.

In my head I was like ‘’abowa, s3 wop3….e dey bee you bia’’……my left hand slips into her undie, I could feel she was already wet……she holds ma hand TIGHT trying to stop me from proceeding, but I dawg am and applied a little force, because I know say she dey like whatever I dey take do am. With a finger, I shift her panty to one side and slip ma middle finger in her p***y (CRAB STYLEE), her moans amplify, I could hear her saying ’’stop it please’’, but at dis point I believe say she dey talk plus in body….the more she says that, the wider she spreads her legs, there noorr I feel say her hand dey move to ma d**k, but ma pathfinder make hard, she grabs it……!!!!

Ann: ‘’wait, wait, wait…’’                                                                                                                                                          I try say I go dawg am but she pushes me away, wey I realize she feel ma d**k in size and she dey fear how the thing curl.

Ann: ‘’no, no, no I can’t do this’’

BigBoi: ‘’oh baby, but why?’’

Ann: ‘’ I just finished menstruating yesterday and I’m not safe’’…..

I begin to think: ‘’wey kinda s**t this gerr wan tell me, what she dey do for ma room den, she figure say here dey look like some place she go fit come relax?’’ I begin to crack my brains, what would Bobich do….? She excuse in body and walks to the shower, without putting her bra back on…..if you see this gerr in ass….and the way she walked to the shower….hmmmm. I start dey curse myself ‘’heeerh BigBoi, if you make this chance pass your top eh, hmm may the grand witches of ma ancestors die ma d**k’’…..there nooorr I hear ma name ‘’BB….’’

Ann: ‘’BB please come’’

10 tawzin different ideas start dey run through my head 220 km/s….i just start undressing, because I no wan scare am again, I kept ma boxers on this time around, I rush in faaaast……she dey there in her mini skirt finding it difficult to open the tap.

Ann: ‘’please help me open the tap’’…..

Looking at her standing swollen b**bs and the nonsense she dey talk me……!!!

I licked my lips!!!

Watch out for episode 2 this Friday.