Health experts | Sweating while working out is not fat-burning

Health professionals debunked the assertion that sweating while working out is fat-burning. Dr. Kwekuma Yalley, a General Practitioner, explains that humans sweat when the body is regulating its temperature. Sweating is not indicative of how much fat you are burning, because people sweat differently depending on the type of activity they engage in. In the Healthline train moved to the capital of Shai Osudoku District – Dodowa, in the Greater Region, to rescue eight-year-old Nasira Lihadi, who fell into the fire and transformed from being the once touted most beautiful girl to someone who fell on top of a gas stove.

“We heard that Vodafone has a program that can assist us and we called on them and they agreed and thankfully they responded and agreed to come to our aid,” said a mother of a girl who was injured by a neck injury at a Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. The doctors informed us that her neck had developed a condition that required surgery to correct, but the cost was beyond our capacity, said the mother. The episode is part of a series on the latest episode of the Vodaphone Healthline series.

Dr. Victoria May Adabayeri, Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, KBTH, said allergies could be carried on from childhood to adulthood. She said allergies largely remained, especially when the immune system was less resistant to them. Allergies did not appear early in babies until they were over a year old, she said.

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