I didn’t consider the consequences of my conduct – Anglican Priest pleads.


The Anglican priest who kissed some Anglican College of Education students in a viral video has apologized for his actions.

He added, “I deeply apologize to my archbishop, the whole Anglican Communion, the College, the afflicted students and their families, and the broader public.”

“The unfortunate incident occurred during a Church service in appreciation of the Level 300 students, who would be going for their Macro Teaching (Off-Campus Teaching Practice) when College resumed the next academic year, by the College’s Chaplaincy Board when College resumed the next academic year,” he explained.

“The three children in the video acted really well, prompting the priest to express his gratitude. The scene in the video was created in an attempt to give a human touch.

Regardless, he concedes there is no excuse for his actions.

“As a result, I apologize profusely for my behavior in the video. A number of things appeared to be taken for granted by me. I did not think through my actions, and even in the absence of Covid-19, I accept that the conduct and its context are incorrect.

“I beg everyone’s forgiveness, and I beg you to remember me in your prayers during these hard times. May God continues to bless us all,” he said.


Rev Father Obeng Larbi kissed at least three female pupils on the lips during a Sunday Mass Service, which school officials termed as a “Peace Kiss.”

The behavior attracted significant censure from the people.

After five years of service, authorities, in collaboration with the Anglican Church, stripped him of his job.

The College’s school officials also said that plans had been finalized for the impacted pupils to get counseling.