After Over Three Decades, Agave Traditional Area Outdoors has a New Divisional Chief.


Almost three decades after the death of Togbe Aguadze ll, the Chiefs and elders of Agave Traditional Area recognized and installed Togbe Gbedefe Aguadze ll as the Chief of the Aludza Clan.

The colorful outdooring event took place on Sunday, August 29 at the Aguadze family residence in Detsawome, Volta region’s South Tongu District.

It came before the obligatory ceremonies connected to clan customs.

Togbe Gbedefe Aguadze ll, also known as Kafui Aguadze in private, is the son of Togbe Nyatse Aguadze ll, who died in 1993.

Mr John Amuzu Aguadze, an Aguadze family elder, said that the Aludza Clan had been looking for an heir to the throne for almost 27 years since Togbe Kwasi Aguadze ll died.

He stated that the inauguration of a new chief for the Aludza Clan “marks a watershed moment in the history and cultural legacy of the Aludza Clan and the whole Agave Traditional Area.”

Mr Amuzu Aguadze urged the new Chief to use his enhanced royal status to promote people’s peace and togetherness.

“We know Togbe in his private life as a calm individual, and we beg him to stay away from anything that might tarnish his prestigious position. We encourage you to be the father for everyone and not be exploited by land litigants and dissatisfied politicians,” he continued.

Agbotadua The guest of honor, William Awukuga of Tsiala Clan from Agave Traditional Area, stated that the chieftaincy system must be honored.

He tasked the Chiefs of the Agave Traditional Region with remaining together “so that development initiatives from the government and other organizations would come to our area.”

He also requested fresh reforms in the area’s chieftaincy matters, stating that “this might be done simply if subordinates respect their superiors in society.”

Togbe Aguadze ll, who vowed loyalty to the Chiefs and people of Agave in his inauguration address, asked for unity and support from kingmakers, Chiefs, elders, family, the Aludza Clan, and every boy and daughter from the region to rally behind him to guarantee prosperity becomes their part.

During his term, he vowed to bring rich ideas and great leadership to bear.

Togbe Aguadze ll indicated several areas of attention in terms of developmental problems, including the construction of a community center in Detsawome, the construction of a road connecting Sogakope and Agordome, the construction of a CHP complex for a better health care system, and others.

He said that he will get all important developmental players on board to help the area thrive.

He also urged parents to assist and push their children to complete their education or gain the necessary skills through apprenticeship training.

‘Dumega’ Hudson Kojo Ablordeppey, who chaired the event and is a former lecturer at the Universities of Surrey in the United Kingdom (UK) and Glassboro in the United States, charged the new Chief with learning from past chiefs.

Togbe Gbedefe Aguadze ll was born on March 25, 1964, and attended Detsawome LA Primary School from 1970 to 1976 before transferring to Dabala EP Middle School in 1976, where he passed the Common Entrance Examination in 1978 while in form two.

In 1983, he received his School Certificate and G.C.E Ordinary Level at Sogakope Secondary School.

After earning his Higher National Diploma (HND) in Electrical Engineering, the Assistant Chief Technician Engineer and Line Maintenance Supervisor at GRIDco went on to get his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electrical Engineering from the Regional Maritime University.

The 57-year-old Electrical Engineer and father of two formerly worked for the Volta River Authority, Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), and All Alfra Electrical Engineering Company.

The well-attended celebration was marked by dancing and displays of culture and heritage.

Members from all sixteen Clans of Agave were present to witness the ceremony.

Togbe Kwawu Adzove VII, the Awadada of Agave State, Togbe Vigbedor Agah V, the Right Wing Chief of Agave, Togbe Anorba Sasraku IV of Agorndro, and Mama Adenya IV from Fieve were among those present.

Togbe Sakpo Agbolosu II was also outdoored as the Aludza royal stool’s ‘Agbotadua,’ Dunu Afebli as the ‘Hlortator,’ and Adzorgeve Agbitor as the ‘Zikpuitor.’