Pele is in the hospital, but there’s nothing to worry about, according to the manager.


Pele, the legendary Brazilian footballer, has been in hospital for six days with an undisclosed health problem, but the 80-year-old is not dangerously unwell, according to a source close to the former Santos and New York Cosmos striker.
Pele was receiving standard checkups at Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital when the unknown illness was discovered, according to the Globo news site.

Joe Fraga, Pele’s business manager, said there was no reason to be concerned.
In a message, Fraga stated, “Full battery of tests/scans/colonoscopy/blood, etc.” “He doesn’t do everything in a single day.”
The concern came just days after Pele had to deny claims that he had passed out.

“Guys, I didn’t faint and I’m in very good health,” Pele wrote in an Instagram statement accompanied by a smiling photo of the three-time World Cup winner. I went to my regular exams, which I had been unable to do previously due to the pandemic. Please inform them that I will not be playing next Sunday!”