Ghetto Love: Adventures of BigBoi Season 1 (Ep-7)

Stories (18+)

Season 1 – Ep 07

Anita starts kissing Ann, and Ann is responding, I kept asking myself ‘’them go invite me or make I just go join the seminar?’’ both Anita and Ann are naked….sheeee, I even forget say I root dadaaada…..this no be the kinda supi-supi you see in porn oooo….come see sexy bodies, asses upon asses, shaved pu**ies and bouncing boobs….Oya, Anita is licking Ann, come and see what Ann dey do , she dey melt ooo den she dey come turn into something else oo…..eiii na me I fool or what, wetin I dey stand der for???…legoooooo

I stood above Ann who is already moaning, she holds my d**k and starts sucking me whiles Anita is licking her…my hands are playing with her nipples, amplifying her excitement. She sucks the tip of my d**k for a while and then starts licking my balls…oh asay, she was doing it as if she’s got some hello wapi, hehe, it was tickling but ‘’I lark it’’….!

We changed positions, I lie down wey Ann come tap my d**k top slowly inserting it into her wet pussy, at first it was tighter but the more she goes up and down, I could feel her deep penetration…. meanwhile, Anita is sitting on my face with my tongue in her p***y, I locate the clits and start circling it with my tongue……I could feel her vibrating like a ”nika nika”.

They switched positions again, and Anita also started licking Ann while I gave it to her doggy style…..’’Bigboi you are good, eiiii were did I sleep yester-night? I go go bed there again, Alla..!!!’’. We fucked for about 50 minutes, by then they have both cum like 5-5 times….

I excused myself and went to the bathroom, I have some Viagra hidden behind the mirror…..this round 2 di333, I no for loose guard koraaa, I mistakenly swallow 3 pills….’’oh no yawa, 2 meats so more vim’’. I went back inside and joined them….!

I dey come insert my d**k for Anita in p***y noooorrrr….my phone start dey ring, at first I ignored but it kept ringing continuously, ‘’my enemies don get me aaar, damnit?’’ I checked and it was Chrixtorix.

BB: “yo Chris, how far na?’’

Chris: “Why you no dey wey ma calls? …your big head you hear!! Comot for the house inside right now, I see say your Maame gerr go carry koti come pass dey head your direction…!!!

BB: “what….? Maame paa, ah she fool or what?’’

Gbang!! Gbang!! Gbang!! open the door, its the police…!!!                                                                           There noorrr, the only thing I fit kick be ma boxer shorts….Maame borst one key so she opened the door make the koti come carry me den Anita go the station. All along ma dick make stiff like the twin towers…

Officer:”’what is your name?’’….

BB: “Bigboi….’’

Officer: “your morda!! The only big boi you will see is inside there waiting for you’’….

BB: “err, ermm my name is Nick Nana Parker.…’’ he took my statement and led me to the cells, as I enter…. ‘’kpaaa’’!!! First slap for me…..’’eii, who that..? What I do you?’’

Mafia: “hey!! Where your gate fee dey?’’…..with some bonyo face, I begin dey wonder ‘’cells too gate fee dey inside?’’

Noorrr, one rugged voice from the back interrupts….you for see am, one thick tall macho man (killer 1) known as the cell leader walks up to me, he kept spying at my erected penis which got me a little bit uncomfortable….

Killer 1: “make you people lef that innocent boy alone’’….with some authority, everybody backed away from me, I begin dey thank God at least someone know say I be innocent…Killer 1 just kept winking at me on and on like that…..this paddy be gay, oh charrrlieeee, Bigboi paaa sum batty go f**k my ass, oh Baba, come rescue your boi…..eiiii

Killer 1: “wink….wink”