Award Winning Photograph of a Beautiful Mosquito taken by Entomologist


A picture by Gil Wizen from Ontario, Canada, has caused a massive stir on the internet. The picture displayed the beautify of one of earth deadliest creatures, the mosquito.

Gil Wizen, an entomologist went through a great ordeal to take this historic photograph.
The mosquito shot by the entomologist belongs to a species known as Sabethes mosquitoes,

Mosquitoes are majorly an arboreal genus, breeding undisturbed in plant cavities or in stagnant water, lakes, pools, etc.

Sabethes mosquitoes are generally ornamented with shining metallic-like scales. The antennae of the females of some Sabethes species have long, dense, flagella whorls, and may appear to have different shades of colour on their legs and body.

“These mosquitoes are important vectors of several tropical diseases, such as yellow fever and dengue fever. While taking the photo, I was bitten by this mosquito and several others, increasing the risk of contracting a vector-borne tropical disease. But I am still alive!”

In the picture, Gil had to use himself as bait, allowing the mosquito to feed on him without being disturbed. It was a necessary sacrifice the photographer had to take in order to produce such a remarkable photograph.

Gil complained of the difficulty in taking the shots of the vibrant insects. he said, they possess sensory perceptions that enable them to detect minute changes such as light intensity in the environment, so even a camera flashlight would scare the creatures.

The photographer describes a few unique characteristics of the Sebathes mosquito. A conspicuous one was the feathery “paddles” on the legs of the creature. He claims it might serve a reproductive purpose in attracting suitable mates.

Although the picture reveals the real beauty of the mosquito, it is still considered one of the Tropic deadliest creatures. It is responsible for the transmission of the dengue virus, and yellow fever.

Gil’s image is titled Beautiful bloodsucker and has received great accolades from the media.