The report of the Ejura committee is replete with factual mistakes and conjecture – Kaaka’s family


The family of the late Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka, has claimed that the report of the three-member committee of inquiry investigating the Ejura unrest is riddled with mistakes.
The committee determined in its report that Kaaka’s activism was unrelated to his death.
It went on to say that his death was more than likely caused by a family conflict.
The committee also threw doubt on claims made by one Abeewakas Umar that Kaaka was killed as a result of his advocacy in the 55-page dossier.

It said it was convinced by Sadia Fuseini’s testimony because it was more “reasonably plausible” than Abeewakas’ unfounded testimony.
“As a result, we conclude that “Kaaka’s” death was unrelated to his social media involvement. It’s more than likely a family quarrel. This is also reinforced by the evidence of Aminu Mohammed, an Ejura local and a friend of the late Kaaka,” the report reads in part.
However, the late Kaaka’s brother, Nafiu Mohammed, told News on Monday that the committee’s findings and recommendations are “totally problematic.”

“As you read through the text, you’ll notice that there are numerous factual errors. But what are our options? It was human beings that sat in front of four individuals and came up with something, so we must investigate it. However, in general. Everything about the results and recommendations bothers me.”

“We have lived together for generations and have never had a feud. We believe we will be able to cross-examine some of the witnesses in court because some of the witnesses knew they were going to peddle lies and went in camera. To be honest, we are dissatisfied with the report because it contains numerous hypotheses and factual inaccuracies.”

The committee proposes, among other things, the removal of the area’s MCE, who had previously dropped out of the race for a new MCE, as well as compensation for the affected families and victims.
It also suggested that the Ejura Police Commander be transferred.

Earlier in July 2021, President Nana Akufo-Addo asked the Interior Ministry to launch a public inquiry into the deaths of two people and the injuries of four others during a protest against the assassination of a social activist, Ibrahim Muhammed, also known as Kaaka Macho, by soldiers.

Kaaka died on Monday, June 28, 2021, while going home from an event in the region, when he was ambushed by unknown assailants.
Earlier stories said that Kaaka was slain because of his social involvement, which some people believed was making the government unpopular, but police reports show otherwise, when three people, including his brother, were detained and charged with the murder.

Following that, the Interior Ministry formed a three-member commission, chaired by Justice George Kingsley Koomson, to investigate the matter and provide suggestions.