Ghetto Love: Adventures of BigBoi Season 1 Episode 09

Stories (18+)


One of the officers opens the door, as he enter, we already finish and she was seen buttoning her uniform….

Officer: ’’Is everything okay sir??’’….he throw salute.

Phlow: ‘yes everything is normal, I just finished examining him, he has small Covid so let him go’.

Officer: ‘’ok sir’’….

I kept wondering why he keeps calling her sir, which school qualification be this? I picked a taxi home and sorted the driver out….to my surprise Ann was still lying in my couch naked, pant less, with a blanket covering her, I could feel her shivering.

BigBoi:’’ah, you still dey here?’’

Ann: ’’ah bigboi paa, how can I go home at this time of the night, do you want him to kill me? …anyway can you please lower the AC, I’m freezing?’’

I could see her thick nipples as she shivered, started thinking….’’should I hug her or should I put off the AC….no, no, no I need the AC on, I know where the remote is hidden, but would you switch it off if it were to be you?

BigBoi: ’’oh the AC is faulty oo, it is connected to our main switch, if you switch it off the whole house will go off’’….

Ann:’’ooo…like she dey want cry’’

I excused myself and went for a hot shower, all I kept thinking about was those nipples of hers, gosh, my dick start dey hard up again…..the Viagra be forkin drug, I shower make fresh and took her to bed, we dey there, dey there, lying on the bed speechless….I know she want cuddle plus me because I could feel her shivering, me too I want show my body small so I dawg am.

10 minutes later, she places her leg on my shin, she begin dey rub her leg up to my thighs….then I had the signal, am playing hard to get, she dawg ah, I go curse my body….she turns and places her head on my chest, I could feel her nipples piercing me, I still no mind am, she start dey play plus the hairs on my chest!!

Ann: ’’why you make stiff so…?’’

BigBoi: ’’oh me…nothing’’…..she start dey suck my nipples, she feel say I jack fast…

Ann:’’eii bigboi, so edey bee you wey you dey do your body style style like that’’…!!

BigBoi: ’’oh comot for there, I be wood?’’

She gets on top of me wey I hold her nipples, she starts dey ride me….she sits on my already upright dick, she make wet dadaaada so no need for baby oil, for like 50 minutes we fuck like we were saying goodbye to each other like we dey ‘’escape from sobibor’’….!!

Nooor a bang on my door again…..’’ooo oh God , who is it again? ’’The knocking continues and I got up to check it out, it was my friend Andy….worried!!

Andy: ’’charley, its almost 5 am and you promised me that you go finish by 12 am… mommy go drop by this morning tee eh’’…

BigBoi: ’’oh Andy, I beg….make you no give me yawa, the babe dey inside dey bed, she wake up ah I go call you then give you your house keys, i beg’’

I forgot to tell you I borrowed my friends place for the night, I am not homeless ooo, but I live with 3 brothers and a friend so Andy’s place is the safest….norrr Ann interrupts from the bedroom…

Ann: ’’who is it BB?’’

BigBoi: ’’oh don’t worry, it’s the borla boy, he is coming to collect rubbish’’….

Andy:’’herh, what..?’’ Andy bore!!!

He just held my hand and pulled me out of the house, goes in and starts commanding Ann to get out of his house…..slooooow!!!

Standing outside with my hands covering my dick, Ann came out of the house looking really pissed off…!! I brace my body…..