Disaster looms For Pig Farmers as Swine Fever Causes death of 200 Pigs In Bono Region


As a result of testing positive for the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus, more than 200 pigs on seven farms in Jankufa, a farming hamlet in the Jaman North District of Bono Region, have been killed.

It is a Hemorrhagic illness affecting both domesticated and wild pigs, the virus is sometimes known as “swine fever”.

Department of Food and Agriculture’s Bono Regional Veterinary Service has buried the infected pigs to prevent the infection from spreading.

Scientists discovered the virus on Tuesday, after farmers in the region reported a number of animal fatalities, prompting the need for testing.

When Dr. Donald Joachim Darko, the Regional Director of the Veterinary Service for Bono, spoke with Ghana’s Daily Graphic monitored by scoopgh, he verified the event.

According to Dr. Darko, “today, there is no authorized vaccination for ASF” and that the disease is incurable and exclusively affects domestic and wild pigs. Pigs afflicted and pork products from the affected localities would not be exported from those areas, he warned.

Dr. Darko stated the ideal solution would be to butcher all the animals within eight kilometers of Jankufa, but “we cannot do that due to compensation concerns. As long as government promises to pay farmers, we’ll kill them to prevent future spread”.

Meanwhile, he added that the Veterinary Service Department has imposed limitations on the movement of pigs in the region, and he encouraged farmers to ensure that they put measures in place to assist stop the spread of the virus.

That’s because it may kill animals in just two or three days after infection with the severe strain of the virus, he said. When left unchecked, it may spread like a wildfire.