Inspiration4 is the first SpaceX mission to use amateur astronauts


The Inspiration4 crew, which included a billionaire and three “regular folks,” launched from the Kennedy Space Center on a SpaceX rocket in a Dragon capsule.

Within the following three days, the foursome will complete a full orbit of the planet.

It’s an important step forward for the space tourism industry, which is seeing a revival after a decade-long break.

Billionaires Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos soared beyond the Earth’s atmosphere earlier this summer in their own spacecraft.

To prepare for their flight on Inspiration4, the four-person Inspiration4 crew trained with SpaceX for six months straight. On the other hand, SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft will be controlled by onboard computer systems under the supervision of ground-based teams.

The Dragon isn’t going anywhere near the International Space Station. It’s on a “free flight” with a goal of reaching 575km altitude (360 miles). That’s about 150 kilometers above the orbiting laboratory’s current location, and around the same altitude as the Hubble Space Telescope.

Even if they don’t have a specific destination in mind, the quartet will be kept busy nonetheless. They’ve signed up for scientific research to be done inside their Dragon capsule, and SpaceX has customized their temporary residence to include a large window that the crew will undoubtedly use during downtime to gaze at the Earth below.

Mr Isaacman, 38, made his money producing credit card payment processing systems and bought Inspiration4 from SpaceX. Rather than go fishing with his pals, he chose to give the flight some genuine meaning by making it about something other than himself.

Consequently, the three neighboring seats had been given away as a result of his kind donation.