National Media Commission Urges Journalists to Report Attacks on them


Mr Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh, the Chairman of the National Media Commission (NMC), has urged journalists and media practitioners to file official complaints regarding assaults on them and be ready to testify in order to obtain restitution.

He defended the NMC, saying it has the authority to deal with attacks on journalists, and he pleaded with them to work together to safeguard their safety.

Mr Boadu-Ayeboafoh was addressing during a Tamale consultation with journalists on the Coordinated Mechanism for Journalist Safety.

The NMC, Ministry of Information, and UNESCO convened the consultative conference to provide participants with information on the Coordinated Mechanism on the Safety of Journalists, as well as other new concerns about journalist safety.

As attacks on journalists have increased in the country recently, the Coordinated Mechanism on the Safety of Journalists was developed as a governmental and partner commitment to address such concerns.

Mr Boadu-Ayeboafoh voiced concern that certain journalists and media professionals who were attacked declined to make formal complaints or were unwilling to give testimony in such matters to help guarantee justice for them, saying “There is little we can do if you do not report to us or wanting give their statement.”

For the NMC, the safety of journalists is critical because “quality journalism cannot be produced without secure journalists.” He urged journalists to think about the long-term effects of attacks on their health and well-being and to seek justice rather than to settle such matters quietly.

This same Acting Northern Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association, Mr Yakubu Abdul Majeed, praised the involvement and said the creation of the Coordinated Mechanism on the Safety of Journalists was in the correct path to assist safeguard journalists in the country’s line of work.