Digital Trends: What Sony Needs to do to Make PS Shine.


Unless Sony begins striking additional arrangements with third parties to bring its games to the service on day one (or does what it promised and adds its own within a reasonable period), PS Now will never be able to compete with Game Pass, which has eclipsed PS Now’s subscriber base in a fraction of the time.

This did not have to be the case. Sony demonstrated PS Now at its worst, then spent years gradually increasing features, content, and value without making a huge fuss about it. I believe I saw a PS Now commercial around a year ago. Since then, there have been no commercials, no website advertisements, and, worst of all, no mention of it by Sony at any of its presentations.

PS Now is really a better value than Game Pass, and Sony would benefit from informing players of this. PS Now is really less expensive than Xbox Game Pass and has more titles. If you buy both services for their full amount for a year, PS Now will cost you $60, which equates to $5 per month, and Game Pass Ultimate will cost you $15 per month.

I’m sure there are millions of PlayStation owners who would like PS Now if they only knew it existed. It’s made worse by the fact that the greatest names in gaming openly criticize it while confessing to not using it or only using it when it was new and buggy.

PS Now requires advocates, but it won’t acquire them unless Sony gets more people interested in it. It doesn’t have the same marketing clout as Game Pass with its day-one first-party games, but that’s no excuse to let this service wither away.

Services such as PS Now and Game Pass are the wave of the future. PS Now could have paved the way, but Sony let Game Pass grab the attention and is now on the defensive despite being a better service. On a reasonable connection, the streaming is better than expected, there are hundreds of genuinely very good games to download with more added each month, and while upgrades aren’t as regular as I’d like, they are becoming better year after year.

If you have a PS4 or PS5, you should try the free trial of PS Now if you haven’t already. It’s far superior than your expectations.