The Islamic Business Community and Professionals Support the Anti-LGBTQ+ law, Calling it a Demonic Deed.


The Islamic Business Community and Professionals have endorsed the eight lawmakers who are advocating for legislation prohibiting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) activities in the country.

The group labeled LGBTQ+ behaviors as demonic, which is against the Holy Quran, in a statement.

The Professionals claimed, citing passages from the Holy Book, that embracing the country’s activities will result in “an impending catastrophe or calamity on our generation and companies.”

The organization also voiced hope that the anti-LGBTQ+ measure will be enacted because all of Ghana’s religious groups are opposed to it.

“We also applaud Hon. Samual Nartey George and all others who have worked tirelessly on this bill for their courage, professionalism, and perseverance.” We will succeed as a team.

“We are dedicated to defending the principles and conventions of our dear nation Ghana,” the statement said in part.

The complete statement is as follows:

Declaration in Support of Hon. Sam N. George’s LGBTQ+ Bill

We are declaring on the record our support for the punishment of the act and advocacy for this morally repugnant behavior known today as LGBTQ+ for two good reasons:

1. As dedicated Muslims, and citing the Quran as our Holy scripture, Allah absolutely condemns the conduct and severely punishes persons or governments who allow such activities to flourish:

“And as for the two of you guys who have committed lewdness, chastise them.” “When our (Allah’s) order came, we turned the city (Sodom) upside down and showered layers upon layers of mud on it,” says the Quran (4:16). (Quran 11:83), to which he adds, “And we let it rain on them.” Look how that brought the wrongdoers to an end.” “He (Lut) said: assist me, my Lord, against the ones who bring catastrophe,” according to the Quran (7:84) and subsequent interpretations.

2. As a young businessman and accomplished professional, the coming doom or calamity on our generation and businesses as a result of this vile and satanic sexual choice and practice of a few is not lost on me, and I am thus answering the call to support this law.

We are confident that if this bill is passed, our generation will be able to conduct normal business and human activities for the economic advancement of not only ourselves, but also our families and the country as a whole, without inviting the wrath of Allah, the premise of this heinous act, upon our country in the same manner as those described in the Holy Quran in Sodom.

The scientific evidence linking sodomy to the spread of HIV/AiDs and other sexually transmitted diseases is yet another compelling reason why our organization supports the aforementioned Bill, particularly to avoid exposing the already venerable zongo communities to additional risk, thereby undermining the gains made thus far.

Based on the foregoing, we fully endorse the Private Members’ Bill introduced by certain Members of Parliament to outlaw LGBTQ+ activity in Ghana.

We also applaud Hon. Samual Nortey George and all others who have worked tirelessly on this bill for their courage, professionalism, and perseverance. We will succeed as a team.

We are dedicated to defending our beloved Ghana’s values and standards.



Ghanaian Islamic Professionals