Kanye West invested 12.5m of his own money on the presidential run.

Rapper, 43, spent $14,538,989 on ballot access, legal fees, and Kanye 2020 apparel. Just $2.7 million of his own money was spent on advertising. Kanye only ran as a candidate in 12 states, earning just 66,000 votes. Joe Biden raised over $1 billion for his campaign, while Donald Trump raised more than $811 billion.

The rapper is going through a divorce from his wife Kim Kardashian West and has a son, five-year-old Chicago-born Dwayne ‘The Rock’waynewayne “Dwayne” Wayne West, and a daughter, 5, born in July 2013. He ran for president under the Birthday Party campaign name in 2012.

He attracted just $2 million from outside contributors, with $7.5 million going to ballot access. Each ballot box tick costs an average of $200, meaning each vote costs $200. He spent $210,544 on a two-page ad in The New York Times and $918,130 on campaign apparel on Election Day.


Kobby Koomson
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