Kwame Eugene Explains How His Father Left Him Sake Of His Troublesomeness

Contemporary Highlife performer who performs under the stage Kuami Eugene; has openly admitted of how stubborn he was during his youth days.

During a restrictive meeting with Stacy Amoateng on Restoration With Stacy, the ‘Angela” hitmaker conceded that he was super-heedless to a great extent his dad got tired of him and subsequently pledged never to put even 1 cedi into his music profession.

He said: I was super stubborn. I was raised in Fadama so my level of stubbornness was high,” he says. “You need to be a very tough man to be able to handle me. You need to be someone who never gives up to be able to handle me. I don’t blame my dad sometimes. Perhaps he just couldn’t handle me anymore.

In the withering minutes of the conversation, he stacked commendations on his mom who never abandoned him but the difficulties, issues, and torment he delivered on her.


Kobby Koomson
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