Man Impregnates His Physically Challenged Daughter

A 37-year-old trader has been sentenced to 16-months imprisonment for impregnating his 17-month-old physically challenged daughter. The victim is now six months pregnant. The court took into consideration the fact that the accused was the breadwinner, and he was going to take care of the victim and the unborn child.

The judge ordered the Police to conduct further medical examination on the victim before the sentence is passed. The prosecution said the victim took her bath in the afternoon after everyone had left the house and entered the room she shared with one of her sisters to dress up.

The boyfriend of one of the victims has been told he will beat her up mercilessly and disown her if she is seen to disclose her ordeal to anyone else. The sentence was passed on Tuesday, and the victim is expected to be released on probation in two months. The trial was adjourned until January 20, 2015.  The court handed down the sentence for the 16-month sentence for a 37-month prison term for a physically challenged trader.

Agbavitor was arrested and during interrogations, he admitted the offense in his cautioned statement. The prosecution said Police medical report form was issued and when it was returned, the form indicated that the victim was six months, one week pregnant.

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