‘Side-chicks’ are ‘helpers’ who Spice up Relationships; I Insisted on Getting one for my Spouse


Discussions about ‘Side-Chicks’ or mistresses, as well as adultery in marriages, never seem to die down.

There are many different perspectives and reasons why some women might allow another woman to intervene in their relationships. Others believe that ‘Side-Chicks’ destroy houses and should not be encouraged.

A devoted reader of ScoopGh.com’s Ghetto Love: Adventures of Bigboi, Maame, believes that ‘Side-chicks’ are ‘helpers’ who assist in rekindling marriages when the flame has burned out.

Even if her friends think she’s strange and don’t agree with her on allowing a ‘helper’ into one’s marriage, Maame believes mistresses are beneficial to her marriage.

“You’re working all day, you have to deal with the kids, and you’re probably not going to be available to accomplish what you need to do.” If there’s someone on the side who can assist you out, that’s fantastic!”

With her husband away at work overseas, Maame claims she insisted that he engages a ‘Side-Chick’ to help him cope with her absence.

“I recognize her. Hello, Thelma. There are certain things he would want to do that I would never do. There are some things I would never do in bed. I would never turn around for you.

That is something I would never do. I’m not a fan of anal sex. So, if someone else does it and it’s safe, why not? I’m guessing she does it since he’s been with her for a while.”

When questioned whether she is envious of the other lady, Maame replied, “I am the Mrs, I am the one he comes home to, I am the one he rushes to, why should I be jealous?” Humans are not designed to prefer only one thing. Variety. “Spice it up.”

On ‘Relationship Friday,’ the subject of the day was if women would quit their marriage because their spouse had a ‘Side-Chick.’ Men were also asked what they wanted their spouses to do if they discovered the presence of a ‘Side-Chick.’

Tasha, another follower who supported spouses having ‘Side-Chicks,’ said men should be able to do whatever they want.

She believes that “men will always be men,” thus she encourages her husband to have a “Side-Chick.” Tasha admitted that she occasionally pushes for ‘Side-Chicks’ on her husband’s behalf via her WhatsApp status.

“I recall calling my hubby once. In reality, my spouse and boyfriend are both present. I phoned him and said, “Master, if you meet a female and she says she likes you, why not?” “I grant him permission.”

Ekow, another devoted fan of the story, expressed amazement at how quickly this phenomena has been accepted in society.

He advised the committee to get together marital counselors and professionals to address this issue front on, stating, “Otherwise, our kids will embrace and practice it.”