Rapperholic 2020 tickets is up for grabs at Gh¢1K, Gh¢6k and Gh¢500 – Here’s why

There are lots of adjectives, key words and abbreviations used to explain 2020. Its has not been the best year and the worst either, I would define it as bittersweet. A lot of concerts and shows has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 devastating pandemic, with the reason being financial destitutions and safety insecurities.

Reason for the huge tag on tickets

Sarkodie can’t commit to a huge crowd due to the COVID and by stalling a huge tag on his tickets. He just can’t make room for large numbers as he is stuck with his production and its expenses.

Since he is eager to host this show he is faced with restrictions. How to cover it up? Yes he has to target those who are able to afford to recover his loss. So if you don’t have just get you pizza or chicken from KFC and be ready to watch it online.

The one who is mostly hurt about all this is the rapperholic himself, Sarkodie. He loves his fans so much and every music star like him wants to witness huge fans screaming out “Obidi number one”. This turned out to be limited to the fans but please trust the process and follow it up online. Its gonna be big.


Thank you for your understanding

Source: scoopgh.com

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